Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To expand multilingual opportunities across the state so that every student is proficient in English and at least one other language. 

Create a diverse coalition of multilingual advocates and policy leaders across the state to empower parents and students on bilingual education options. 

Collaborate with non-profits and community organizations to build parent and student academies that keep families informed of bilingual programs and their benefits.

Our Vision

The Coalition for a Multilingual RI believes in and works to create a culturally sustainable public school system in which all students have access to Dual Language programs and the opportunity to learn in multiple languages — whether they are spoken, signed, or the classics – from preschool to college. We look forward to seeing a future in which all English-speaking children learn a second language from preschool and beyond, and all English learners, in addition to learning English, also acquire full literacy in their native language. We hope to see a Rhode Island that is the first truly multilingual state.

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