Letter to the PPSD Superintendent

Dear Superintendent Montañez,


I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing on behalf of the Coalition for Multilingual Learners to request an audience with you to discuss several critical topics that pertain to the future of our district’s educational landscape. This letter will be made public, posted on our website, and shared via social media platforms to ensure transparency and inclusivity in our advocacy efforts.


First and foremost, we commend your outstanding leadership and the remarkable achievements at Leviton Dual Language School during your tenure there. Leviton Dual Language School has stood as one of the most successful elementary schools in our district, setting a standard of excellence in education. We believe that your experience and success with dual language programs provide a unique perspective and expertise that can greatly benefit our district’s educational system.


Our central aim is to advocate for the alignment of the district’s strategies with the vision laid out in the Turnaround Action Plan, specifically with regards to the establishment of high-quality schools across the district. To this end, we propose the following key talking points for our meeting:


  1. Dual Language Programs & Language Diversity: We urge you and your team to consider investing in dual language education across the district, taking inspiration from the success of Leviton Dual Language School. Dual language programs have proven to be effective in promoting multilingualism, cultural understanding, and academic excellence. We seek emphasizing Dual-Language certification for educators.


  1. Feeder Patterns: We encourage the development of feeder patterns into Providence’s redesigned schools, ensuring a seamless transition for students from PreK-8 schools into these institutions.


  1. Investment in Lima: Recognizing the challenges Lima has faced in ceding building space to Achievement First, we emphasize the importance of investing in Lima to provide its students and families with high-quality programs and facilities.


  1. CAB/SIT and Community Participation : We are committed to identifying Coalition members and parents who can actively participate in Community Advisory Boards (CABs) and School Improvement Teams (SITs) at schools like Messer, West Broadway, and Lima. Their presence can help advocate for the inclusion of dual language programs.


We believe that these initiatives align with the district’s goals of providing an equitable and enriching educational experience for all students. We look forward to the opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue with you and your team to explore these ideas further.


Please let us know your availability for a meeting at your earliest convenience. Your insights and collaboration are invaluable as we work together to enhance educational opportunities for Multilingual Learners in our district.


Thank you for your attention to these matters, and we look forward to a productive discussion.



Coalition for a Multilingual Rhode Island

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